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National Information Center for State & Private Forestry

National Information Center

What is the National Information Center?

The National Information Center (NIC) houses a variety of application focused on tracking the performance and accomplishments of US Forest Service programs. The NIC Portal provides access to these application for authorized users of the system. Authorized users include various US Forest Service employees and cooperators from state agencies and private conservation organizations.

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US Forest Service
National Information Center for State & Private Forestry
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NIC Portal Applications

Community Accomplishment Reporting System (CARS)

CARS is used to report annual State and Private Forestry Urban and Community Forestry program accomplishments.

Forest Legacy Information System (FLIS)

FLIS is used for Forest Legacy Program project development as well as for recording acquisitions, agreements, and transfers of property rights resulting from State efforts to protect forest lands.


Redesign is used to report State and Private Forestry competitively funded project accomplishments.

SMART Accomplishment Reporting (SMARTar)

SMARTar is used to report Forest Stewardship Program accomplishments.

State Fact Sheets (SFS)

SFS is used to produce State and Private Forestry State Fact Sheets.

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Last modified: April 1st, 2014